Bob-bing for a New Hairstyle

Today, I got a bob! How thrilling!

Now you have probably noticed, as I have, that everyone has a bob these days! It began with the teenagers, my then-high school-age niece got a bob five years ago, but lately it seems even proper women are getting bobs. Everyone in the motion pictures has one, from Louise Brooks to Greta Garbo to Anita Page.  My husband’s barber claims he did Clara Bow’s bob, but I don’t believe it for a minute! What self-respecting woman would go to a barber to do their hair?

These days there are a few variations on the bob.  It is generally a haircut to your chin or slightly shorter and then can be either straight and sleek or feature some curls and waves. You can have spit curls, or maybe you’ve heard the term “croche coeurs” (which means “heart breakers” in French) are arranged in front of the ears, one on each side, and sometimes include a single curl on the forehead. To set them, wet the hair then apply a homemade (see my post on how to make your own) or store-bought gel to sections of your hair.  Then wind these pincurls around your finger and pin them in place.

I recommend you add barrettes, headbands, bows, or combs to liven up your look. For evening styles, try adding a band, beads, or even feathers.  To complement your hairstyle, make sure your eyebrows are thinned, like in the silent films, and you put on makeup (a guide can be found here).

I’m sure you’ve also heard the ads on the radio and heard other ones like these in the newspaper for all these new soaps, shampoos, and gels.  It takes so much work to get your hair looking perfect every day, but every woman should look air tight stepping outside.  I even saw one the other day of Josephine Baker endorsing some sort of hair gel.  These gels are especially important for keeping your man’s hair slick in place, like Rudolph Valentino.  I will look for it the next time I go to the salon.  Have you seen there are even aerosols being advertised? It’s a product that comes in a neat can and you spray it onto your hair to keep it in shape all day long!  I’ll be sure to write a new post when I try it out myself.


Now that I have a bob, I must get myself some bobby pins and new rollers to keep these short hairs under control.  At my hair salon, the stylist used this new “hair dryer” which was this noisy, heavy bonnet-shaped contraption that took an hour to dry my hair in the curlers.  Maybe I will get used to it when I go back in a few days. It seemed like everyone was using it, though.

So why did I get a bob, you ask?

I have heard of the preachers sermonizing against the cut, schools banning girls from wearing it and some schools even offering bonus payments to female teachers who did not cut their hair. I have read the pamphlets warning girls that bobbing hair would cause them to grow mustaches or other unpleasant effects.

But I am still young and I want to be on the cutting edge of fashion! I cannot bear to think I may be a fashion blogger that is out of style. Plus, it’s so much more convenient and flatters my cheekbones.

Ladies, I know your mothers may tell you it decreases your chances of finding a husband, because you won’t look feminine enough, but ladies—cut your hair while you are young! My husband says it looks bold and beautiful.  It’s the perfect style to match Chanel’s newest stream-lined and jersey fabric dresses! Forget the Marcel, the bob is in now!

Stay tuned for my post on the most fashionable hats to go with your new hairstyles.



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