To the beach we go

I love the sun-kissed skin trend as much as the next girl, but oh how I wish I had the time to go to the beach more to perfect mine! I hope my husband and I will go to a seaside resort this summer.  Now that we’re all thinking about the beach, let’s talk about swimwear trends.

Knitted one-piece swimming costumes appeared approximately eight years ago, but since then a darb new minimal all-in-one design has been appearing in stores.  I’m glad to be rid of those cumbersome tunic-and-knicker suits!  Swimsuits are unfortunately still predominantly made from cotton or wool, which we all know gets very hot in the summer and heavy after it is wet.  It’s so uncomfortable it makes me not want to go swimming. I hope they develop a new material to make these suits out of to make swimming more enjoyable.

The latest swimming accessory I’ve seen are these rubber bathing caps (like cloche hats, but for the water!).  They add to the sleek, smooth look the new one piece suits have. If you remember, both men and women used to wear short overskirts to conceal the groin area as well.  By now, those are outdated, providing everyone with more freedom and agility to swim and do other popular water sports.

As always, the big designers like Jean Patou, Sonia Delaunay, and recently Elsa Schiaparelli are the first to try new and daring things—even in swimwear.  They have made some remarkable costumes that have been replicated for the mass market, a.k.a. you and me!

The latest swimming costumes I have seen show even more skin than before. The bottoms have been shortened to mid-thigh and there are no sleeves! I cannot wait to try one of these daring suits on.

Now grab your parasol and go sunbathe!




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